Application Performance Clinics – Top Problems Solved in November


Over the past few months I have been giving online and offline talks called Performance Clinics. During these clinics, I show you how to analyze performance and give you feedback on the data you’ve collected on your own application. For Dynatrace users, I run a special offer called “Share Your PurePath” where I provide feedback and can give you extend Dynatrace licenses. Every month I am going to write a short blog on the top problems found within the program so you get to ... More >

Dynatrace AJAX Edition 4.5 is here! Closing the Last Chapter, but the Story Continues


Over the last couple of years the Dynatrace engineering team out of Linz, Austria continually updated one of the best browser diagnostics tools for Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows. Back in 2009 it received strong endorsements from Steve Souders and John Resig and Dynatrace AJAX Edition became very popular. Today we are announcing the availability of our next -and final- Dynatrace AJAX Edition version. This release supports the latest version of Firefox and also ... More >

Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2014 Web and Mobile Performance Live Blog


Update December 1st, 2014 at 5:05PM CyberMonday Wrap Up Wrapping up Cyber Monday with a look at the Top Retailers who prepared the most for the onslaught of mobile traffic this Cyber Monday. Sears, Costco, Office Depot, REI, Saks and NewEgg all understood that servicing their customers on mobile devices required a different set of priorities than delivering content to  tradition desktop browsers.  By using techniques like Responsive Web Design, these Retailers tailored ... More >

Form guide – which betting agency website will win the Melbourne Cup?


It’s 4 days until the Melbourne Cup, a horse race that literally stops a nation.  It’s the single biggest betting event in the sporting year, and a huge percentage of the population will have a little wager.  What’s the easiest way to place that bet?  Online… So I thought I’d run some tests on the betting agency websites to see who is in the best form leading up to the big race. Jump straight to the infographic here if you like. The agencies monitored ... More >

Proper configuration for running PHP on Nginx


When I started looking into Nginx, I was very impressed by the high performance of this lightweight HTTP server. But more and more I've become keen on the ease of its configuration. I have successfully used Nginx for serving PHP applications for quite a while, this article is about the lessons I have learned. I’m using Nginx on Ubuntu Linux, the installation is straight forward: sudo apt-get install nginx Nginx as a reverse proxy A common use case for Nginx is to ... More >

Playbook for Performance at Velocity New York 2014


Last week at Velocity Conference - New York I had the opportunity to sit in keynote address by Mikey Dickerson on the topic "One Year After Where Are We Now?" Mikey Dickerson is the Administrator/Deputy CIO of USDS. In October, 2013 he took a leave of absence from Google to join what became known as the “ad hoc” team that rescued after its disastrous launch on October 1. Mikey talked about how was built/launched with no ... More >

Easily Boost your Web Application by Using nginx


More and more Web sites and applications are being moved from Apache to nginx. While Apache is still the number 1 HTTP server with more than 60% on active Web sites, nginx has now taken over the 2nd place in the ranking and relegated Microsoft’s IIS to 3rd place. Among the top 10.000 Web sites nginx is already the leader in the field, with a market share of 40%. And the reasons are obvious: nginx is a high-speed, lightweight HTTP server engine. The performance improvement ... More >

How to Spruce up your Evolved PHP Application


Do you have a PHP application running and have to deal with inconveniences like lack of scalability, complexity of debugging, and low performance? That’s bad enough! But trust me: you are not alone! I’ve been developing Spelix, a system for cave management, for more than 20 years. It originated from a single user DOS application, and has now emerged into a web application with hundreds of users, used nationwide as the official cave directory in ... More >

Top Web Performance Tips from Velocity Conf 2014


I attended the Velocity Conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center recently and there were many sessions on how to improve the performance of your web sites on mobile or web, as well as discussions around what companies are doing to get the "above the fold" content within the 1000 ms threshold. Here are snippets of some of the more interesting sessions I attended and the top web performance tips you can learn and apply. Session #1 Responsive Web Performance in the ... More >

How You Can Monitor Your Web Performance for Free

web performance for free

UPDATE (Nov 26, 2014): I recorded a YouTube Video that walks through all these steps. Watch it here: Browser Diagnostics with Dynatrace I recently analyzed FIFA's World Cup website for web performance best practices and highlighted the top problems FIFA had on their website (too many flag images, very large favicon, et Cetera). After completing the post, I realized we could use a freely available trial service to run some tests to see if they have improved things. You can ... More >